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Mission & Values

Our mission is to create safe, beautiful, friendly and engaged living communities that evoke pride and investment from residents and employees alike.

Our values describe who we choose to be, how we execute our mission. When you join the Stanford Team, you make a commitment to live these values every day at work.


Keeping promises and refusing to compromise on quality. These are just two of the standards we hold ourselves to everyday. We are proud of our communities and we want you to be, too. This is why we are constantly searching for new ways to build safe, beautiful, and thriving communities through various environmental, educational, and community- based initiatives.

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Improve Every Day

Seriously. Every day. Whether you are charged with running the company or taking out the trash, own it. Figure out how to do it better. Speak up. Lead the way. Have fun. Be fearless. You won’t be alone.


Serve People

People are the only reason we exist, so serve people first. Help create a company where both residents and employees are happy, invested and proud to be part of the Stanford Management family.


Communicate Openly

Things just work better that way. Together, we are way, way better than the some of our parts – and open, effective communication is the grease that allows that synergy to grow to its very best.


Be Excellent

Why? Because great systems that consistently produce quality results with less time and fewer resources free us all to be more creative, focus on people first, and free up resources to help us grow and improve.


Create Efficiency

Make yourself proud. Perfection is not required, but this is: Your most skilled and thoughtful endeavor to deliver the highest quality and value possible – and to raise the bar on that quality and value every day.


Demonstrate Integrity

Integrity = manifesting the very best of who you are in the service of others. Do what is right, even when no one is looking. Keep promises. Find elegant win-win solutions.

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